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The Call to Queenslanders


Age, 18 to 45; minimum chest measurement, 33in; minimum height, 5ft 2in. Rates of pay: Lieutenant, prior to embarkation, 15/- per day, with a field allowance of  3/6 per day, on date of embarkation, 17/6 per day, with the same allowance, and 3/- per day deferred pay; sergeants, prior to embarkation, 10/- per day, on date of

embarkation, 10/6 per day, with 2/- per day deferred pay; privates, prior to embarkation, 5/- per day, on date of embarkation, 6/- per day, with 1/- per day deferred pay.

Separation allowance to married men receiving less than 8/- per day, (a) for wife living at home, 1/5 per day; (b) for each child under 16 years of age, 4½d per day. A similar allowance as in (a) is paid to the mother of a member if solely dependent on him for support. The separation allowance as above, however, is subject to the limitation that the amount thereof added to the members' pay shall not in any case exceed 8/- per day.

Pensions payable to widow on death of member of the Forces or to a member on total incapacity: - 
Lietuenant, £91 per annum; sergeant £70 per annum; corporal, £68 per annum; private, £52 per annum. In addition, on the death or total incapacity of a member, for each child under 16 years of age, £13 per annum. In the case of total incapacity the wife in addition receives half the rate specified above for the respective rank.

Source: "The Brisbane Courier", Friday 31 December 1915, page 8