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Australian YMCA in England


Red Triangle Hostels and Huts

The Australian Y.M.C.A in England controls 26 buildings in England. Each is working at high pressure in serving Australian soldiers during the trying period of demobilisation. The Aldwych Theatre one of the largest of these Australian Red Triangle centres, and the most expensive building controlled by the association, costing £6000 per annum in rent, while the all-round expense of maintenance is £1000 per month, in addition

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Beerburrum Soldier Settlement

beerburrum-early-settler1916The Beerburrum Soldier Settlement was an Australian Commonwealth Government funded, Queensland State Government administered effort to provide land to repatriated servicemen who had served in the Australian and Imperial armed forces during World War One. The Settlement was established in 1916 and ran until terminated during the late 1920’s, though many settlers stayed on the land beyond that and some of their descendants are still living in the region.

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Comforts for Horses

horse-operation-calaisMiss Gore and her girl helpers appeal for further funds to carry on the work of providing comforts and bandages for horses going to the Front. The smallest donations, they state, will be acceptable. One shilling and ninepence will provide a set of bandages for one horse. Over 10,000 bandages have already been used for troop horses, and more are urgently required. Oatmeal, linseed

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Digger Times Vol 1 Issue 2


Wounded. Private J. Robinson who was sometime ago reported wounded whilst with the A.I.F in France, has been invalided home and arrived here early this week. He received a cordial welcome from a number of his friends here. He is wounded in the leg and can only get about with the aid of a stick. 

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Diggers who died in the war

lone-pine-3-matt-resizeA new field has been added the diggers' pages. This field is named "Died in War". It has a dropdown of selections: Killed in Action, Missing in Action, Died of Wounds, Died of Illness. Once there are many entries in the field, it will be a searchable column on the website, such as the columns Name and Town are now. When all the information on the diggers is
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Make your digger a favourite

higgins-thomas-cropYou do not have to go through the Search box in the Digger Database to find your digger's page. Nor do you have to scroll through the A-Z index. You can save your digger's page in the Favourites section of your web browser.

When you have your digger's page open, save the page in your web Favourites. Then when you revisit your digger's page to add more information, you can find it in your Favourites folder.

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military_medal_webExtract from “Australians Awarded” by Clive Johnson:

VICTORIA CROSS is the premier award for gallantry, available to all ranks, to cover all actions since the outbreak of the Crimean War, and later able to be awarded posthumously. VC holders, regardless of rank, are saluted by all ranks. Although this is not within military regulation, it is considered tradition and upheld today.

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Montville's Rejects

montville-rejectsThe following article was written by Gillie Warren who had kindly given me permission to republish it on our website. Thanks Gillie!

(This is not my story.  It was written by a journalist called Bill Simpson and published in the Courier-Mail in June 2003, although many may not have seen it.

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You might have noticed that our numbers to be adopted have almost doubled since the beginning of our project in November 2010. A major reason for this is the addition of the settlers from the Beerburrum Soldier Settlement. One of the largest soldier settlement schemes in Australia, about 600 returned servicemen took up land from 1916 and this is a significant part of our region’s war history. It is also the first time that the names of these settlers have ever been categorised.

As the project becomes more well-known in the district and more family members are contacting us wishing to be involved,

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School Peace Medal 1919


Of the commemorative medals issued to mark the end of the First World War, the most common was the so-called ‘Peace’ or ‘Victory’ medal issued to every child in Australia aged 0-14 years (and aged up to 16 if parents were in the armed forces). The medal was designed by Charles Douglas Richardson, better known for his work as a sculptor. Time constraints as well as pressure from the production of other victory medals meant that no single manufacturer could make the 1,670,000 medals.

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Silver War Badge

myersswb-frnt-cropJohn Angus Myers’ researcher was lucky enough to be loaned his war medals and dogtag by a relative in Brisbane. She rang me to come and see them, which I quickly did. Beautifully conditioned and preserved, the medals are in excellent condition and I was surprised to see Myers’ original dogtag, complete, with string, as I believed dogtags were handed in after service.

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theaifprojectGood news for us all!  The AIF Project have reinstated the 'search by place' facility. On our home page, if you click on the AIF red logo on the left, you will be taken directly to the site. This site is a great first step when researching your digger.

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The Digger Times Vol 1, Issue 1


Peace celebrations. – Owing to the Post and Telegraph Office being closed, Cooran did not hear of the Armistice being signed until late in the evening, when there was great rejoicing amongst the lucky ones to hear the news. On Tuesday, there was a fair gathering around the hotels, which were open but otherwise there was little doing. During the afternoon about ten

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The Ode of Remembrance

lone-pine-3-matt-resizeThe Ode is an extract taken from the elegy "For the Fallen", by English poet and writer Laurence Binyon (1869-1943). It is in fact, the fourth stanza of the iconic poem.

During World War 1, Binyon wrote the poem while working as an assistant keeper of prints and drawings at the British Museum. He was an author of several volumes of verse. "For the Fallen" was first published in the London Times on September 21, 1914 and later in many anthologies of war verse.

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In just a few more days, those researchers who have already adopted a digger can begin editing or entering information on your digger's page. Because of the many requests for diggers from outside the Sunshine Coast to be included on the website, the system will allow for this and searchability will be easier and more extensive. For example, you will be able to search for diggers by location, adopted or waiting to be adopted, by ship sailed etc.

Remember, the Adopt a Digger Project belongs to the Sunshine Coast community of researchers so please send in your comments and suggestions. And thank you very much for your patience while we make the website even more user-friendly.

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