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Diggers who died in the war

lone-pine-3-matt-resizeA new field has been added the diggers' pages. This field is named "Died in War". It has a dropdown of selections: Killed in Action, Missing in Action, Died of Wounds, Died of Illness. Once there are many entries in the field, it will be a searchable column on the website, such as the columns Name and Town are now. When all the information on the diggers is complete, many of the columns in the database will be fully searchable. This will give researchers statistics of what town the diggers were connected to, which battalion they served in, how many were killed or died of illness. From a social history perspective, this information will be invaluable for the military and local history of the Sunshine Coast region. I am sorry that you will now have go back over your diggers' pages to add to this new field, but it is worth the effort.