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Chateau Wood Ypres 1917
Soldiers of an Australian 4th Division field artillery brigade on a duckboard track passing through Chateau Wood, near Hooge in the Ypres salient, 29 October 1917.  [AWM E01220]

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can adopt a digger?

Anyone can Adopt a Digger - An individual, a family, a club, a school class, a group of friends.

How do I adopt a digger?
You can choose your own digger from the list Diggers Database.  He/she could be your ancestor, or someone with the same surname, or you could pick a name at random. Once you choose your digger, he/she becomes your responsibility. Find out how it works and register here.

What is the criteria for a digger's inclusion?
To be included on the Diggers Database, a soldier or nurse must have ONE of the following:
*  have been born in the Sunshine Coast district,
*  have enlisted in the region,
*  have next of kin in the region,
*  be commemorated on an honour roll or memorial in the region.
If you think a person should be included in our database, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

How do I research?
Follow the “How to research”  link on the website . There you will find detailed  instructions on how to conduct research into military history and how to find brief personal details for your digger.  On the Home Page there is an article with detailed information to get you started with your research.

How do I upload the information?
Simply by entering your information into the field boxes provided. It’s that simple! You need to register first.

Do I have to enter my personal details?
You must enter your name and email address. Your name will be the only information available on the website. If you wish to remain anonymous then you are not required to enter an email address in the researcher's information boxes. If you show your email address and wish to correspond further with people contacting you, you can do so offsite. We will NEVER send or sell your email address to anyone.

anzac memorial

How it Works

Step 1. Choose a Digger
Browse the Diggers Database and choose a Digger you would like to adopt. You can adopt several Diggers if you like.

Step 2. Register for FREE

Register online to become an Adopt a Digger researcher. It's Free.  REGISTER HERE

After submitting your details you will be returned to the homepage and you will see a message "You may now log in."

Step 3. Login
Use the login button top right to enter the login details you use when registering.

Step 4. Reserve a Digger
You will be redirected to the Adopt a Digger form. Let us know which Digger you are adopting and we will reserve him for you.

Step 5. Research your Digger
Follow the guidelines to research your Digger.

Step 6. Enter Digger's Information
Once you have collected some data return to the site and login.
Under the "Diggers Database Tab" you will notice three new buttons:
Adoption Form
Make a Submission

Enter your new data under "Make a Submission". You can return at any time to add more information. Simply go to Digger's page and you will see an edit button at the top of the page.

Because you are working online, internet drop-outs and website session time-outs can occur.  Therefore, we highly recommend saving your work every 15 minutes to avoid losing many hours of data entry.  Once your work is saved, it will not be lost in the event of lost connectivity.

All initial entries are approved before the Digger will be available on the site. Allow up to 48 hours for approval.


Remember Them

Anyone can Adopt a Digger - An individual, a family, a club, a school class, a group of friends.

You can choose your own digger from the Diggers Database. He/she could be your ancestor, or someone with the same surname, or you could pick a name at random.

Be involved:

Our community can play its part in the remembrance of our diggers and the sacrifice they made which allows us to enjoy such freedoms today.

Do your part to honour our local diggers and contribute to Australia’s historical record. You could participate in the centennial ANZAC DAY march in 2015 by marching for your digger.

qld diggers
The recruits did their sleeping in tents at Enoggera Queensland 1916 -

Queensland WW1 Diggers

The Adopt a Digger project was originally created to catalogue WW1 Diggers with a connection to the Sunshine Coast.

Due to popular demand we are extending the database to include all WW1 Diggers.

If you would like a Digger's name included in the database simply follow the instructions here and contact us so that we may add your town to the database.

11th Battalion Anzac WW!
Officers, including Captain William Annear and men of the 11th Battalion, AIF photographed on 10 January 1915 at the Great Pyramid near Mena Camp shortly after their arrival in Egypt. [AWM A02875]

WW1 Statistics

How many Australians fought in WW1 and how many died?
Statistics from Australian War Memorial website:

The Australian population 1914-1918 was four million.

416,809 Australians enlisted for service in the First World War, representing 38.7% of the total male population aged between 18 to 44.

At the end of the war:

Outcome Number affected
Died 58,961
Wounded 166,811
Missing or prisoners of war 4,098
Suffered from sickness 87,865

At almost 65%, the Australian casualty rate (proportionate to total embarkations) was the highest of the war.

Source: Patsy Adam-Smith, The ANZACS West Melbourne, Vic, Thomas Nelson, 1978

How many Queenslanders fought in WW1?

57,705 Queenslanders enlisted for service in the First World War.

How many Sunshine Coast diggers fought in WW1?
As at December 2012, ADOPT A DIGGER has recorded 2,192 men and women (including ten staff nurses) who enlisted for service in the First World War. This includes the soldier settlers who took up land at Beerburrum Soldier Settlement from 1916. More soldier settlers will be added as they are identified and this section will be updated.

As more research is completed and results come in, we will update these figures and break down the statistics even more, eg by town.


Staff nurses from the Sunshine Coast:

  1. Trissie BAILEY
  2. Katie Helen BOWDER
  3. Neta BURNS
  4. Constance (Connie) LINDSAY
  5. Gertrude Ada NYE
  6. Hilde Esther NYE
  7. Jeanne ROBINSON
  8. Dorothy Emma SMITH
  9. Elsie Muriel THOMSON
  10. Matilda Rose WILSON